Services and Fees


Services Offered at Each Visit:

We offer walks, playtime and exercise, feeding, poop scoop, litter box scoop, cuddling, pampering and lots of love! Marietta Heart Hounds also offers administration of medication, and subcutaneous shot/fluids.

Initial Consult/Meet & Greet is on the house.  We will come to your home to meet you and your pets and complete paperwork that allows us to know your pets needs, routine and personality.   We like to take a tour to see where all supplies will be, and also obtain a key at this meeting for the upcoming visits.  If you utilize our services for future needs, we will require 2 keys to be kept safely by Marietta Heart Hounds.  Key pick up and drop off will require an extra fee if keys are not on file.

Dog Walks/Pet Visits
$16 – 10-15 Minute Visit.  Only available if appropriate for your pets needs.
$21 – 20-30 Minute Visit
$30 – 40- 45 Minute Visit
$38 – 55-60 Minute Visit

Dog Walks and Pet Visits are for furred, feathered or reptilian pets.
We’ll walk your pet(s) in your neighborhood and visit with  them in your home for companionship, playtime and love.*

Daily Visits
Does your dog need a midday walk because you work long hours?  Do any of your pets need midday medications when you can’t be there?  We offer Monday – Friday and also variable schedules.

Overnight Pet Sitting
$80 – 10 Hour Stay

Marietta Heart Hounds offers overnight stays at your home.  Normal hours are *9- 6am.  We’ll work with the client if customized hours are needed.  No extra charge for multiple pets.

If you are going on vacation, away for long weekend, working long hours or have a pet that needs some extra attention, medication,  or a daily walk, consider the loving care that Marietta Heart Hounds provides.  


*Each client’s needs differ.  All rates are based on time spent at the home with the pets.  For some that could be 30 minutes, for others it could be shorter or  longer.   Final cost for visit will be determined at time appointment is requested, and invoice will be sent within 24 hours of accepted request.