How much is the Puppy in the Window!!

Many people go to the pet store, shelter  or house with the free puppy sign and grab the first cutie that chews their shoes and gives them a kiss.  They get home and realize they need a few items to care of the new pet, NOT realizing that this is only the beginning of the costs they will be putting out!

There are the basics:  Food, collar, leash, bowls and toys.  Then there comes the first vet trip and being informed that your pet needs basic bloodwork for heartworm, this is annually, and then monthly treatment to prevent the heartworm, and get rid of fleas.

Okay, not too bad so far.  You go to work on Monday and come home to shredded EVERYTHING, look up the way to prevent this, and find out you need a crate, and OH, a bed to go into the crate for comfort.  Back to the pet store!

You try to walk your dog on a leash only to find out that apparently theres something wrong with this puppy, its just whirling around and going crazy!  You call the vet who suggests a training class.   Chaching!

These scenerios are usually only the beginning.  There will be many more trips to all of these places over the 10-16 years the dog can live.

Please click on the link below to find out the true cost of owning pets.  As I am sure you already own a cat or dog, or you would not be visiting Marietta Heart Hounds, pass this along to anyone that states, ” I NEED a pet too!”.  Chances are, they dont.